Anonymous asked: thank u for this blog...i saw live in ny jan 24 and the only word i could think of to describe it is *magical* everything from their vocals to the lights to jamie little solos were amazing! have u ever seen them live? and do u know their exact ages?

Yes, magical is the perfect word! Ethereal as well. I have seen them live, only once in 2010 at SummerStage for FREE x_x Almost impossible to fathom huh? I got tickets to see them last year but I couldn’t make it, and I’ll say, I was so heart broken. I don’t know their exact ages though, so the closest I can say now is that they’re in their early twenties :)

tobeleftuntold asked: this is probably the best blog i have come across in a year, thank you so much for making this <3 also, do you know what romy's tattoo says?

aw you’re welcome and thank you! :) unfortunately I don’t know what it says..I’ll be investigating though.


Romy + Oliver

terriblerosie asked: OMG i cant belive that i found your blog! It´s amazing! :) I´m a big fan of The XX and Oliver. He is so cute, he cant be gay ahahah :D Thank you so much! You make my day :)

Thank you! :D However, he is gay but that’s okay because Oliver is gorgeous regardless.

Anonymous asked: This blog is perfection, thank you so much for making it!

:DD Thank you

vagina-teeth asked: this account is the best thing that has ever happened to this world

Thank you so much! ^.^